alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


The "interests meme" that is going around right now is kind of interesting. I say "kind of", because only some interests are actually interesting reading. Some of them are less so. Not that the item itself is uninteresting, but the explanation is. Here's an example: say I list "chocolate" as an interest. The explanation?'s yummy. Much as I may love chocolate (milk not dark, no nuts, thanks), it's just not especially interesting to read about!

(The above paragraph just caused me to go and change my "chocolate" interest to "milk chocolate without nuts", incidentally. Now it's more specific, but still not especially fascinating to read about.)

So I tried the random selection thingy, but some of the interests it selected were boring. Also, some of the interests that it has selected for other people have been boring! To read about, I mean. Not uninteresting, don't worry; they're still good interests!

What am I getting at here? Well I've decided to try a Variation on a Meme, by Rennie. Here's how it works. Pick an interest (of mine, of course!), and put it in the comments. I'll ramble about the first 10 selected in my next post.

I might even do more than 10, if you ask nicely. Or I might do fewer, if it turns out that nobody's interested in my interests except for me. But that's okay too.

Here are my currently-listed interests:
acl reconstructions, allergic to mornings, amherst college, as/400, avoiding housework, back rubs, being kissed awake, boys, butterflies, cello, cellophane, dancing, dar, douglas adams, dragons, dreams, duke, feet, fish, great big sea, groundhog day celebration, happy feet, heights, honey toast, ice cream, ice skating, ikanorah, insomnia, java, java swing, kittycats, knees, laughing 'til you cry, lip balm addiction, making people think, milk chocolate without nuts, night people, not being cold, otherworld, paisley pants, piano, quotes, renniekins, replaytv, ruins, scrabble, setting balloons free, singing, sisters of mercy, sluggy, solos, speed skating, state quarters, stevie, stripes, struts, synchro skating, tap dancing, the tick, tie-dye, trees, treo 600, uechi ryu, uncle bonsai, underdog, vampires, why caged birds sing, winging it, yoga.
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