alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Bike Ride

On Sunday, I will be doing this bike ride with my sis. Yay, it should be really fun! I plan on doing a metric century. We'd talked about doing a full century, but (1) she has something to do later that afternoon, and (2) we haven't really been training or anything.

I really oughta ride to work tomorrow. I'm feeling better now, my tummy's all better, but I still get oddly off-balance sometimes. Like if I tilt my head way back to finish a beverage, I feel like I might just keep tilting all the way over. Or if I bend down to pick something up, same thing. My body just wants to keep on tilting, once I start. (Not that it has; I'm always able to catch my balance, so maybe it's all just imaginary, I dunno) Weird, huh? Bodies are crazy things.

Hopefully I won't tilt my way right off my bike! Heehee. That'd be embarrassing.

Tonight, I'm meeting with Jebra and we're going for a walk. Yay! Then I should take out the garbage. Blah.
Tags: biking, health
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