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Lonely today, and feeling friendless. Hate that. It's supposed to be my day off, but I went into work for a couple hours this morning, just to catch up a little. That went pretty well at least.

Then I went to the tattoo parlor where I got my ear pierced, because it's been giving me all kinds of trouble and pain. I think it's largely because I can't keep from sleeping on it. The problem is that I tend to toss and turn at night - I think every part of me gets slept on at least a little bit during a night. And my right shoulder hurts when I sleep on it, so I'll often flip over to my left side. The one with the new piercing. Basically I can't win. Too many parts of me hurt!

This one is my own damn fault though - I mean, I'm the one who decided I wanted it pierced. I keep contemplating taking it out. But I like it, I like the way I look with it, and I like the way other people have admired it. I just wish it would heal and stop bugging me. I know lots of people who have no problems healing a piercing, even a cartilage piercing (although I know they're supposed to take longer).

So he said it was not infected, just very irritated. That's good, because I was worried it was infected. There's a big red puffy bump around the entry point. He said the bump is filled with fluid, and I have to clean it regularly with alcohol to help dry it out, and squeeze the bump to release the fluids. He also recommended hot compresses. He cleaned and squeezed it for me, and oh my gosh it was incredibly painful. ugh. Then I went and bought alcohol and a different kind of soap, so I can start doing his recommended cleanings.

He said it should only take a week or two to fix, if I do what he said. Very painful though. I hope it gets better soon, or I might just give up on it, appearances be damned.

Now I'm off to attempt to fix the electricity in my garage, as my outlet isn't working right. Borrowed my dad's circuit tester, so I can figure out where the problem is. If you don't hear from me in a few days, you can probably safely assume I've electrocuted myself. But with luck I'll manage to avoid that and get everything working properly.

Oh, and my stomach's bothering me today for some reason. And I'm still feeling a little sad and lonely, without any just cause that I'm aware of. Maybe after the garage is fixed I'll crawl into bed with a good book. Maybe that will help.
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