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Clocks and Docs

The clock in my living room needs a new battery. It's a little embarrassing how many times I have glanced at it and thought to myself, "Only seven-fifteen? Really? Oh, right, the clock has stopped...."

Three minutes after nine. Not seven-fifteen, no. It won't be three minutes after nine when I post this; I'm just admitting it now. I'm multi-tasking, so who knows how long this thing will take to finish?!

I was a good girl today, and I kept my doctor appointment. Thanks to all my friends who offered encouraging words and thoughts yesterday and today. It helps to have support like that when I'm feeling a little freaked out and overwhelmed. You know who you are; thank you.

Unfortunately the doctor didn't find anything useful. I mean: it's good that she didn't find anything bad, but it's frustrating that she didn't find anything treatable. She looked inside my ears and said they looked lovely. ("Oh, why thank you," I said, self-consciously patting my hair.) Aside from slightly swollen glands in my neck, and an extremely-low-grade fever that could have just been doctor-nervousness, she didn't find anything out of the ordinary. But I was (and still am) definitely still experiencing periodic vertigo and nausea. Not every time I move, but often enough to be disturbing.

She reassured me that more chronic conditions (like MS) tend to come on gradually. So since this came on quite suddenly, it's much more likely to be an ear inflamation or something more acute. But she took some blood, and she'll run some tests, see if there are any oddities or imbalances. She'll call me soon-ish with the results.

In the meantime, she wants to try and see if this will go away on its own with some encouragement. I'm to drink lots of fluids, especially something like gatorade, something that replaces electrolytes. Whatever those are. (Except I'm drinking Propel, also made by the Gatorade people, because it has fewer calories.) I'm to take a decongestant every day for the next week, see if that will help unclog my ears. If indeed they are clogged.

If I'm still feeling the same next week, we have to try some other approaches we can try. There is a medication you can take for dizziness (but it makes you really sleepy), and there are also audiology tests that can help if it's an ear problem or a head problem. But we'll start with fluids and decongestants first, see what that does.

It's frustrating. Sometimes I feel fine, but sometimes I move or look the wrong way and I just feel off. Not right, unwell. When I get hit by a couple episodes in a row, I start feeling nauseous, overheated, and sick. I don't like that: it throws off my whole day. Also, I'm a skater -- I need my balance! I've tried skating a couple of times since this started a week ago, and I did okay even though I didn't always feel quite right. I stayed away from spins and other stuff that might make me dizzier though.

Anyway, so that's that. I hope it goes away soon. Enough talk of weird health issues. For now, I need to pay a couple of bills then get to bed early tonight.

Tomorrow, my goal is to tell the story of Rennie-Measurement from the Ren Faire. Something for us all to look forward to... Hopefully it will be a much more entertaining post. Keep your fingers crossed! ...but only if you can type with your fingers crossed.
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