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The idea began at the renaissance festival a couple of weeks ago. We discovered a booth that sold Very Long leather belts. I was intrigued to note that some of them were almost exactly as tall as I was! That means it was a 61-inch (or maybe just 60 inch) davehogg snapped a photo to record the moment.

As we were walking away from the booth, aiela remarked that perhaps we should start measuring everything in terms of how many Rennies long it was. The belt, for example, is one (1) Rennie long.

I thought this was a great idea. After all, my world is Rennie-centric, why shouldn't everyone's be?

Then we thought it might be fun to offer to measure people's belt sizes. As in: how many Rennies will wrap around you? That determines the length of the belt you'll need. I pointed out that we'd need to measure the interior of the circle I'd make, because only the exterior of a Rennie-circle is 61 inches long.

As you might imagine, the conversation got a little silly. I was trying to picture wrapping myself around a person for accurate measurements, and I was concerned that I wouldn't be very good at it. My body doesn't make a geometric circle, because my knees bend the wrong way. (Most people's do.)

It was then that I suggested simply wrapping just my legs around people, since I know I'm capable of that. I can even hook my ankles and support myself, if a person's waist is Rennie-sized. aiela didn't think that people would mind the change. "I bet people would pay money for that!"

"We could measure the length of my inner legs, from heel to heel," I speculated. "Basically I guess it'd be twice my inseam -- and that would equal one (1) Rennie."

"We could do it at a booth next year," said davehogg! "And we'll tell people, yeah, we signed up for a booth, not to sell anything, but just because we felt like it."

"This could be fun for everyone! And we could donate the proceeds to breast cancer or something, so we won't feel dirty."

Well, that's the concept -- as I remember it, at least. It was one of those conversations that evolve and take on a life of their own, so I may have erred on some of the details. But just think.... Rennie-Measurements! Coming soon to a Ren(nie) Faire near you.

Or (more likely) just in my imagination. Who knows? But it made me laugh, and that's what really matters.
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