alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Blitz Weekend

I'm in Madison WI for the weekend, hanging out with a bunch of friends for their yearly Blitz reunion thingy. Fortunately, B has wifi and I brought my laptop, so I can geek occasionally. We're about to go walking around on State Street, to check out hats and toys and such. Should be a fun day, especially since the weather's so nice! Yayness.

We flew here, which was a nice change. In past years we've driven, and although it's allegedly a 7 hour drive it tends to take more like 9 -- what with traffic and such. It's usually pretty tiring, so we thought we'd give NWA a try. Pricier, of course, but much more relaxing. Plus, we get to spend more time here in WI instead of crammed in a car, and that's a Good Thing.
Tags: travel
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