alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Vertigo Update

I think my dizzy spells are a thing of the past! I know I was definitely still having them on friday, but somewhere along the way on saturday I noticed that I hadn't noticed any. If that makes sense. Every now and then I still feel "off", but this may just be my normal state of occasional offness. Nobody feels perfect all the time, especially when they are spending too much time over-analyzing their ability to balance.

I definitely haven't had a major vertigo episode in the past couple days. Awesome! So it may have been an infection after all: it certainly correlates to when I started the antibiotics. Either that, or my whatever-it-was may have coincidentally gotten bored with me and wandered off to torment somebody else. No matter what it was, I hope it doesn't come back. *crossed fingers*

On the other hand, I think I'm allergic to Wisconsin. I was stuffed up and sneezing like crazy while there, and I think my nose actually exploded at one point. This despite taking regular decongestants. (This is another indication that maybe it wasn't just allergy-related.)

I'm a lot less sneezy today, though still somewhat -- but I picked up some allergy-type stuff at the drugstore anyway. An anti-histamine, to replace the plain decongestant I'd been taking up to now. I'd meant to try that last week (and clearly I shoulda!), but I forgot to.

So anyway, today I'm feeling extra sleepy from my weekend away, but healthier than I've felt in a couple of weeks. That's definitely a good thing.

(My icon today is Duke doing a flip, because I'm finally not afraid to turn upside-down again!)
Tags: health, vertigo
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