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You know, I wouldn't be so cranky all the time at work if my officemates were capable of using their brains, or were a little bit more considerate.

I'm cold, yet again. Nothing too new, right? But get this: an hour or two ago, loud-music-guy next door asked me, "Is it hot in here today?" I answered him honestly, that I was quite comfortable, but that meant it was probably warmer than normal, since I generally prefer a higher temperature than most people. He thanked me, and walked away.

A bit later, I heard him on the phone, talking to his girlfriend or somebody, saying, "I had to turn down the thermostat, somebody had it cranked up to 85 degrees, it's like a sauna in here!" Shortly thereafter, I began to get cold.

Out of curiosity, I went to look at what he'd set the thermostat to. He set it to 70. He moved it down 15 degrees, all at once!! I have a variety of gripes about this:

1 - He assumed that by setting it to 70 it would actually make the entire office 70. In a big open space like this, obviously the actual setting isn't what the whole place is going to end up at; there are too many variables that affect the temperature. Instead of moving it down a little bit and waiting to see what it did to the environment, then adjusting it again once the temperature settled, he just dropped it 15 degrees. Probably because he thought, "Duh, I'm comfortable at 70 degrees at home; that's what it should be set at!"

2 - Making drastic thermostat changes is a terrible idea. I just know that moves like this are what cause this office to be constantly at unbearably extreme temperatures. One idiot is too hot, so he drops it 15 degrees. Obviously there is no way for the blower to quickly cool a huge open space down 15 degrees, so it probably blows cold air all night. The next day, some other idiot thinks, "It's freezing in here!", so they push it way too high again. Then the cycle continues. You have to move the damn thing by minor increments if you don't want the temperature to be yo-yoing back and forth the whole time!

3 - He assumed that everyone would want it to be 70 (which I guess is his preferred temperature). This despite the fact that I'd just told him I was comfortable with the previous temperature. As though my discomfort didn't matter at all. He didn't even ask me, "Hey, I know you're comfortable, but would you mind terribly if I lower the thermostat a bit?" Oh no, and I'll bet he didn't even ask anybody else if they thought it was too hot or not.

Grumble grumble grumble...they need to lock the damn thermostats up, or keep a log, or something. Now that would make sense: if you adjust the temperature you have to write your name, what it was at, and what you moved it to. Then maybe people would start to realize how stupid drastic adjustments are, and begin to police themselves properly. Then maybe people could concentrate on getting their work done, instead of constantly feeling too cold or too hot or too crabby to work.

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