alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Cats and Belly-Buttons

I hate it when you're lying in bed (or lying anywhere, or even sitting, if you're sitting kind of slouched, but I digress) and a cat steps in your belly-button. Well, I actually mean when a cat steps on MY belly-button. I don't especially care a whole lot about your belly-button.

Unless you're as neurotic about your belly-button as I am about mine. I hate having my belly-button touched. I even get uncomfortable when somebody gets too near the perimeter of my belly-button, but I especially can't stand it when somebody pokes it! Or, you know, a cat accidentally steps on it.

It's a bit surprising really, because my belly is expansive enough that I'd think the odds of a paw landing directly in the button-area are low. But for some reason, I've gotten pawed several times recently. Of course cats have four paws, which increases their odds. But still.

I wish they'd learn to be more careful. I'm surprised my instinctive reaction of flinching and shoving them off me hasn't clued them in -- but then, cats aren't really all that clever. No matter what the cat-books say.

Anyway. Pavlov's theories be darned, my cats haven't learned yet that my belly-button is NOT for touching. Admiring only, from a distance. Even I don't like to touch it! It's very sensitive, though I'm not sure why... I'm not even sure if it's actually painful, or just strongly uncomfortable. I just know that I really really don't like it. That's all I'm sure of.

This is one of the reasons I suspect I'll never be able to get my belly-button pierced. I quite like the look, but I've watched piercings occur: the piercer has to get way inside there to do it! Not to mention the necessary cleanings, both before and after. It's a shame, because it might be fun to have a cute little pierced belly-button... but I might require actual sedation for it to occur.

Does anybody else have this problem? People mostly make fun of me for it, but I can't be the only one who totally freaks out when her belly-button is touched...can I?

Also, how geeky is it that I saved the word belly-button into my clipboard, so I wouldn't have to constantly retype it? At least I didn't write a macro or something, I guess.
Tags: health, humor, kitties

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