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Nice Weekend and Random Cleaning Talk

Despite friday's angstiness and stress, I ended up having a very nice weekend. Or perhaps because of it, I don't know. But it was a good weekend, for which I'm glad. Time with friends is a good thing.

Saturday and sunday were each one of those perfect October days -- sunny and still pretty warm, blustering wind, colored leaves lingering on the trees, but plenty of dried leaf-kicking piles and blowing all over the street. This is particularly odd, since it's been November for over a week. But gorgeous weather nevertheless, and it felt good to get outside.

It was also a productive weekend, which really helps. Getting stuff done, even just little stuff, is very cathartic. Being productive means that it was a fairly mundane weekend, but it greatly helped elevate my mood.

Saturday I made a hair appointment, did a load of laundry, then finally dropped my new skis off to have the mounting attached, or whatever it is you do to skis to make them skiable. I also did a fair amount of Treo-research and carrier-research, because I'm thinking of getting a 650 perhaps, but I didn't actually take the plunge. Mine has gotten progressively more temperamental, but I still think it might get better. Or that it's maybe good enough. I'm still thinking it over.

I even got a little bit of job-work done that morning, fixing a code issue occurred that had occurred to me the night before while driving home from work. The problem with being on an intense project like this, even though the work is rewarding and I'm enjoying it, is that it's difficult to just leave it at the office. My mind stays involved in everything, even when all I want to be doing is enjoying my weekend!

I dropped by F's place on my way to the ski place, and he joined me for the rest of the drive. We dropped off the skis, then we browsed the clearance racks for awhile. Didn't buy anything though: even on sale that stuff is expensive. Finding ourselves hungry, we realized it could be considered supper-time. So we convinced his brother and family that they wanted company, we picked up Chinese food, then went over to his brother's house. It was fun playing with brother, wife, baby, and enthusiastic puppy-dog.

After the family fun, F and I went to another friend's house for coffee. He lit a fire in the fireplace, and we had a nice relaxing evening. Very nice, and it was good to chat with friends.

The next day, F and I went out to brunch! I loooove going out to breakfast. It seems like such a decadent experience, perhaps because is so rare that I am able to do so. Better yet, we rode our bicycles to the breakfast place. So we got to enjoy the autumn weather, fight the wind (it truly was a blustery day), and feel justified in truly enjoying our brunch. Very fun, if a bit challenging at times.

After brunch, F helped me clean up my garage. That may not sound exciting, but it sure was satisfying. During the summertime, I tend to spread out. There are bicycles and gardening supplies scattered about the garage, and no room for a car. This isn't a problem while it's warm out, but I don't like scraping frost off my car (I like scraping snow and ice even less).

This means that in the fall, it's time to tuck everything away and make room for my car. This year it was particularly challenging because my parents gifted me with a variety of stuff from their garage that they didn't want to take to Chicago. (I didn't have a whole lot of say in the matter; I just found their things in my garage when I came home one day!) Anyway, with F's help I installed a bunch of hooks to hang stuff one the wall, sorted through junk that could be thrown away, and generally tidied everything up.

Now my garage looks amazing! There is tons of room for my car, it's easy to retrieve things I'll still want access to, there is room to walk around, and everything looks lovely and organized. I'm quite happy with the finished product, and I'm so grateful to F for helping out. Hmm, I should take a picture.

Let's see, after the Amazing Garage Cleaning, we both spent some well-earned time loafing around and reading. Then we went for a walk, in an effort to enjoy the last of the daylight (not to mention purchase treats at the local Dairymart). Then F went on his way, and I spent the evening folding laundry and sorting through my mail. Well, that and watching old movies and reading LJ and such.

I still have more mail to deal with, and tons of indoor cleaning and organizing that needs to be done. I've kinda let my house fall to pieces of late, or at least grow very chaotic. The chaos stresses me out and leaves me paralyzed. The truth is: I'm basically an untidy and disorganized person, but I love clean and organized space! It's quite the quandary, I know.

I'm terrible at organizing, but I long for organization. I think this is why I lust after office supplies. I can spend an hour wandering through a place like Staples. Or Bed Bath and Beyond. I adore the idea of a place for everything, and everything being in its place. Even when the reality overwhelms me, and I end up leaving most things scattered near the door.

Anyway, that said, I think I'll go back to trying to do something with my mail. At least I can deal with some of this stuff. Baby steps, baby steps.
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