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Voice Post: I-75 North

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“So my phone and I have been having all kinds of disagreements recently. Basically I guess I think it should work, and it... seems to think otherwise. I'm not quite sure what it thinks. But I was wondering... it seems to actually be working today... so far. And I was wondering, you know, if it actually was making noise such that other people could hear me. And i was thinking about this, and I thought how can I tell if it's working other than just kinda asking somebody and then, well, what if it doesn't work? Then I thought... I could make a LiveJournal post! A phone post... obviously. And then when I get home I can listen to it, and I'll know if it works.

So that's what I'm doing here. I'm making a post and hopefully it doesn't suck. Hopefully people can hear it and I can hear it.

I am driving home from Cleveland. I am kinda near Toledo. With luck I will be kinda near Detroit in not too much longer.

Wow, there are all kinds of trucks on this road for some reason. It's really crowded.

And you know what's weird... I passed, what I sorted out, was like a giant turkey vulture dead on the side of the road! I mean, that seems unlikely, and, truth be told, I don't exactly even know what a turkey vulture looks like... except, it looks like I think it would look, and like what cartoons have always made me think it would look like. Well, I mean, what I saw of it which was dark and with headlights and... turkey vultures are black, at least in my... view of the world. So I don't really know, but that's kinda what I thought it looked like.

Um... so, yeah... here I am. I am on I-75. I am heading north. It is cold out but it is not snowing. And it's not icy or raining or any nasty thing like that. I am listening to Dar Williams. I am making a phone post which may or may not go through. So... all that said I think I will push pound and finish this off.


Transcribed by: mrdisco99
Tags: phone post, travel
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