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Voice Post: I-75 North (continued)

318K 3:20
“One of the problems with phone course... posts, of course, is that you can't edit them, like you can normal posts. And I tend to edit my posts a lot. My brain doesn't really work well just telling a story, you know, without a backspace button. This is why I like to write to people, not talk to people.

But, you know what, I'm kinda sleepy, and I'm still driving obviously. So I thought I'd call a LiveJournal again! Because what do you do when you're lonely... you call LiveJournal, or, you know, post... or write to your friends or something like that. Umm... eh, it's something to do at any rate.

So the thing about the turkey vulture that I didn't remember to mention is that it had a red neck. Which, I think, you know, in my imagination this is what turkey vultures look like... black with a red neck. So it's not like I just saw a black thing on the road and assumed it was a dead turkey vulture. No no, it had a red neck, or at least a red... protrusion... that could be... construed as a neck... if one were thinking of turkey vultures...

...or even if one were not thinking of turkey vultures but was reminded of one... driving along... at 10:02 near Toledo. Because I think there are a lot of turkey vultures that hang out in Toledo. So it kinda makes sense that one would be strolling along the road and get struck by a car.

It's possible. Just... work with me here.

Alright lessee, what else did I want to say. See here, like, again, here's the problem with the backspace... and this is exactly [why I prefer] emailing. If I were typing this, I could pause, and think it over, and no one would be the wiser. But talking on the phone like this, you know when I don't know what to say... 'cause I either pause, or I start babbling like this.

Oh yes... I was gonna tell you that when I used to talk to my friend Christine when we were kids, I would call her and I'd start the conversation with "So the other day..." or whatever like that, instead of saying "Hi! This is Rennie!" or anything like that, which is how most people start conversations. And it always made her laugh. And better yet, it always made me laugh. So I kept doing it. I dunno if it annoyed her, but... it made me happy.


Really, really, this post isn't very interesting to anybody but me. Honestly I'm probably not even interested in it. I'm just kind of... really I have nothing very interesting to say. I do apologize for that. And I guess I will try hanging up again. I'll probably call back if I'm still bored. I was...

Oh... when I was... when I was... when I was planning on making this call, you know, I imagined that I would cross the state border while talking on the phone, and it would be so cool! Because I would be talking and telling you about my dinner and telling you about my childhood... and then all of a sudden I'd get to say "Hey! I'm in Michigan now!" But... it hasn't happened yet, and truthfully, I don't have a lot more to share... or, you know, I don't... really... want to...

Well, I could... but, honestly, I don't that think anyone really wants to hear it, including me. So... oh well. Maybe I'll try again later.”

Transcribed by: mrdisco99
Tags: phone post, travel
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