alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

On a lighter note

Silly conversation:

"Are you going to the gym with me tomorrow at lunch?"
"I can't, I have an appointment with a financial advisor type person."
"Yeah, I'm going to try to see if I can do some investing; I haven't in far too long."
"Me neither, I keep hoping my money will go out and find friends on its own."
"I've been hoping that too! I tell it, go out there, make friends, bring them home, multiply."
"But so far it hasn't."
"Same here. It mostly just sits there. So I'm going to try to encourage it."
"Now you're making me feel bad."
"No, don't. After all, you're going to the gym: at least you'll be strong and skinny."
"And you won't be?"
"I'll just be fat and rich. But then I suppose I'll be so rich I can just get liposuction, so I'll still win!"
"But going to the gym I'll still be stronger than you."
"Yep, that's true, you'll have that. Strong and broke."

(On a heavier note, a good reminder I've been thinking about: Not all who wander are lost. (Tolkien) More on this later; I'm not ready yet.)
Tags: diet, humor
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