alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
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Fond of the new Lj decorations. Added my Christmas icon to the chaos.
Ow. Headache, ow.
But good social things have been happening.
Tuesday evening, time spent with F. Always nice.
Wednesday was sushi with SG and "R". Have a great trip!
Thursday was Chinese with SE. So good to do the Girl Talk thing.
(She told me: "I remember my mom would bring cupcakes to school on my birthday, and the boys would eat the paper wrappers." (I asked why.) "Because they were boys!" (She paused.) "Maybe this is why it's so impossible to understand and get along with guys, because they spent their childhoods eating paper and mud and stuff." (Actually this explains a lot; she may be onto something here.))
Thursday night, I made it to Luna! My Favorite Barista's birthday party! Much fun.
(I don't dance nearly enough anymore. I had such a good time. Even if I had to get up for work after.)
Friday, watched my ex-skating team skate. That was today.
Didn't get a chance to say 'hi' to FigureSkater though.
Had dinner after, with sister and her friend. Good conversations.
Home now, tired. Headache....ow. Can't find an unpainful spot. Maybe sleep will help.
Tags: dating, friends, skating
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