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Cold Week

I walked into the agile lab this afternoon with a slight frown on my face. "Daisy," I said, "is tomorrow your Friday off, or mine?"

She smiled at me. "It is yours."

"Oh.... Yay!"

Everybody laughed at me a bit, but I didn't mind. I had a three-day weekend coming up! Too wonderful.

Between holidays, and working long hours, and people being out sick, I'd totally lost track of the "every other Friday" rotation. I didn't realize until yesterday that I might have Friday off, and I still wasn't certain until Daisy confirmed it.

Driving home from work tonight at 9pm (because these days I have trouble not working late), slowly and carefully through nasty slippery snowfall, I was even more pleased that I have tomorrow off. It's going to snow lots tonight, but it'll be okay. I don't have to drive to work tomorrow morning!

I remember yesterday in the stairwell somebody asked me if it was cold out. I was wearing my winter coat, just coming back from lunch. "Because you look like an Eskimo," he told me.

"Just trying to stay warm," I responded. I bet he's wishing he had my nice fluffy down coat tonight, if he's outside! And he's probably regretting having teased me. He'll probably be calling me soon to apologize. (Even though I don't know who he is, and he doesn't know me either.)

Yesterday after work I met with Skippy, a coworker from Cleveland, for dinner. We chatted about all kinds of fun things -- relationships, fashion, work, the usual. At one point he explained that he'd been doing laundry the morning he left, and packing at the same time.

He had most of his clothes already all picked out, then he pulled his green shirt out of the dryer. His favorite green shirt. "And I knew as soon as I touched it: I had to rearrange my whole wardrobe to go with my green shirt. I simply had to bring it. I planned everything I brought around it, even though I would only be wearing it today."

"Can I touch it?" He let me, and it was indeed very soft and cosy. I can understand needing to bring it, especially with how cold winter has been so far.

"Do you ever have that, where you have a favorite item in your closet, and it just makes you happy every time you wear it?"

I nodded sagely. "I have a purple hoodie."
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