alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Movie Star Sunglasses

Well, Marsgov made a request for this week's Half Naked Thursday. "Movie star sunglasses," he suggested. "They don't even have to be on your face," he added.

Well sure, I can do that. Nakedness with sunglasses, behind the cut!

Included in this photo is my first tattoo, right ankle, and my most recent owie, left ankle. The tattoo is from 1994, and the owie is from skating without my gel socks on tuesday.

Oops, I thought I wasn't skating for very long, but I guess I should have worn them anyway. I've gone without before, but I've been working on lots of bendy and twisty moves recently, and I guess that's tougher on the ankles! Putting skates onto the still-raw sore today was painful at first, but it's easy to block it out once you start moving.

Anyway the half-naked picture was fun, but honestly I think the sunglasses look best (and most movie-star-ish) on my face. In my imagination, they make me look like Audry Hepburn. Combined with my eskimo coat and a little bit of a pout, it made for a fun and silly little picture.

Even if I'm not the least bit nekkid.

Tags: feet, hnt, skating
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