alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Monday Monday

My neck hurts, I must have slept on it wrong or something. I didn't do anything unusually active yesterday, and I don't remember it hurting last night....

Very ouchy right now though. It hurts to move it left. And side-to-side. And, well, most directions actually. It's one of those pains where I feel like, if I can just twist it the right way, it will drop back into place where it belongs and everything will feel fine again. If that's true though, I haven't found the right twist.

Had a great weekend, hopefully I'll have a chance to write it down later!

Very very tired and slow-starting today. Whose idea was this monday-thing, anyway? I don't like it. Ouch. Yawn. Back to work.
Tags: health
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