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Anticipating in Chicago

This morning I sat cross-legged in my parents' new apartment in Chicago, on the bed that was "mine" from about age 10 to age 18, and wrapped Christmas presents. I finally got everything for my family completely organized and wrapped, then I tucked them all neatly underneath the tree. I'm ready for Christmas!

Unfortunately, it turns out that Christmas is still three days away. How can I wait that long? I feel like a little kid again, eagerly anticipating all the unwrapping that will be going on -- mine, yes, but especially other people's. I love to watch people open gifts.

I think that I'm not used to being ready so early. In days past, I was always madly wrapping and organizing (and sometimes still shopping) on Christmas Eve, right before I drove the four miles to my parents' house. So basically I'd get everything done, and it would immediately be Christmas time.

This year, everything is done early because I had to travel. I'm all ready for Christmas, but it's not ready for me for another three days.

I traveled earlier than I might normally, because of baby anticipation. The baby was due today. But alas -- unto us no child has been born. Not yet.

On the plus side, when my little nephew (almost three) walked into the apartment and saw all the presents under the tree he exclaimed, "Look Mommy, it's Christmas!"

I could see the weight of her due-date wearing down her eyes. But she smiled at him. "That's right Sweetie, it'll be Christmas in a few days."

"No Mommy, it's today, look Christmas is here." I felt for him. I agree: Christmas is already here, and we should just start enjoying it. Instead of walking the long way through the room, carefully circumferencing in denial the brightly-lit tree in the middle of the room, literally bursting with presents and magic.

Gosh there's a lot of reasons for me to be impatient this year! Like, my poor little nephew has a nasty cold right now. So we were scheduled to play together this afternoon/evening, but the little guy was feeling so miserable that Bro decided to just take him home.

So I'm ready, full of anticipation, but everything is on hold. Waiting. I'm not very good at waiting.

It's also a little strange not being in New York, which is normally where I go the day after Christmas to see my extended family. It feels a little like New York here: it's a big city, we walk places, it's cold and windy. My parents are right by a park, and there's even a street called Lincoln Park West that looks like Central Park West.

We walked to Lincoln Park, to see the Zoo Lights, and I remarked, "Oh, it even looks a little like Tavern on the Green!" (Tavern on the Green is right near my aunt's apartment, in Manhattan, right off Central Park West.)

Sis said, "Well not really, but a little. We must really miss our annual New York trip."

But despite feeling very impatient, today's been a good day. I got to see my nephew, even if he's not feeling well. We ordered pizza for lunch, and Mom made a yummy dinner. I've missed my mum's cooking.

Maybe the baby will come tomorrow! Bro said that she already has an induction scheduled for the 30th, just in case Skipper doesn't make an appearance by then. I told him that was no good for me, and could he move it up to monday the 26th? I'm supposed to returning to Michigan on the 27th.

He smiled, but he didn't actually agree to the proposal. We'll just have to take her for lots of brisk walks, I'm thinkin'. Or maybe make her start shoveling snow....
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