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...and to your wassail too

My sister and I had lunch today on the Magnificent Mile. The waitress brought us our check and wished us a happy holiday. I responded, "Thanks, and have a merry Christmas."

Her smile got bigger and she looked right at me. "Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too."

As she walked away, I said to my sister, "I'm against the war on Christmas."

She shrugged. "I guess I'm not against the war, I just don't much care."

"All that I'm saying," I pleaded, "is give peace a chance."

She laughed. I grinned. After all, it's not that I'm doing anything more than wishing them merriment and happiness on the day I call Christmas, the 25th of December. Who wouldn't want to be wished merriment or happiness on any day of any year? I'm not wishing them sorrow or pain, I'm not trying to convert anybody -- I'm not even saying 'God bless you', which might be uncomfortable. I'm just saying, well, Love and joy come to you, And to you your wassail, too!

Here in the Central Time Zone, the clock just clicked into Christmas. But back at my house, the cats have been celebrating Christmas for an hour already. They're probably high on eggnog and catnip, dancing on the tables. Darn kitties.

I, however, am spending a relaxing Christmas eve with the family, a time-zone away from home.

We took Willy to see Polar Express at the iMax, which was very neat. The only problem was that he wouldn't wear his 3D glasses. We kept telling him the movie would look cooler with them on, but he just didn't want them on his face. He preferred to just chew on them.

But I think at almost-three, the world is still surprising and unfamiliar enough to him that the blurry overlapped 2D figures didn't look especially strange. He stayed absorbed in the movie for the whole time, making plot-specific comments to his daddy occasionally, clearly enjoying the experience.

Sis and I explored the Magnificent Mile for awhile this afternoon, then changed clothes and met the family at their church -- the 4th Prez downtown. Beautiful building. The service was a children's pagaent, and it was cute but impossible to see much. That church was packed! Eggnog and spaghetti and meatballs and gingerbread followed.

Will is feeling much better today, and spent his after-dinner time running madly around, rolling in his toys, and conducting the family in christmas carols. Mostly jingle-bells, with a spattering of we wish you a merry christmas. My brother turned to his wife at some point and asked, "Did you give him some coffee?"

We let him open a couple of presents, then they took him home to bed. By eight o'clock, we were collapsed on the couches recovering. Weird! In years past, we've always walked to the late-night candlelight Christmas Eve service, and come home after midnight Christmas morning to toast Christmas with eggnog then go to sleep. It felt so strange to be done with Christmas Eve festivities at only eight!

Still no baby, still not Christmas..... wait, it IS Christmas! Yay! Although it doesn't really count since I'm the only one still awake. But it is really Christmas, and in just a few hours everyone will wake up, we'll eat waffles, and presents will be opened. Yay! I hope everybody likes the presents I got for them.
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