alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

LJ Caroling

The weather outside is frightful, so it makes sense to do your Christmas caroling indoors. I saw a sitcom in which they would order takeout and sing to the poor delivery people, but my approach is simpler.

I have a Grand Tradition of useing Phone Posts to share a carol, or at least a Christmasy song that I like, every December. I continued it this evening, sneaking out of my parents' apartment and singing it quietly in the street in the hopes of disturbing nobody at midnight.

To get the full Caroling Experience, you must listen to several. Don't worry; I have links. (:

2003 Hippopotamus Song Singing this song makes me laugh.
2004 Blue Christmas This one makes me sad/happy.
2005 RudolphThis one makes me feel happy and childlike.

These are kind of like my Christmas gifts to you, such that they are. Oh, and if you weren't around last year, I definitely recommend checking out my Ode to Christmas, which will hopefully make you laugh not run away screaming.

Peace, joy, love, and happiness to you. Merry Christmas!
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