alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Still no baby

Good news: we have broken water, so there should be a baby any minute now. Any second!

Of course, I've been saying this since 3:30, aka seven hours ago. What the heck? This delay is completely unreasonable. I'm beginning to think that Skipper has some cruel reason s/he doesn't want to meet me.

Tomorrow afternoon, I must drive home. I really want to see this darn baby first! Right now would be ideal.

(Tangentially, what a strange phrase that is! Water can't break. Ice can break, because it's a solid. A dam can break, but water can't break. I guess this is more like a broken dam? I don't know, actually. I'm not certain what it means when a woman's water breaks, other than that there should be a baby soon.)

Anyway. Um, I'm a little distracted. The past couple of days have been really nice, if impatient. Christmas was lovely, and playing with Will has been really fun. He's into imagination games now, he's constantly pretending to be a kitty, or a train, or Tigger. I like the cat games best, because he gets really cuddly.

He's staying over right now, and we all (me, sis, mom, and dad) are all on baby-sitting duty while my brother and his wife work on producing a second baby. Speaking of which, where the heck is that baby? But anyway I feel like we've done a lot of bonding this weekend, which feels really good. He's such a neat little kid.

Sis and I walked to the Magnificent Mile this afternoon and caught a few of the after-Christmas sales. My parents live only a mile or so away, so it was a good-sized walk. Mostly we just enjoyed wandering around the bustling downtown, window shopping, people watching, and so on. Nice to get out and about.

Yesterday we spent Christmas morning eating waffles and opening presents. Then when my brother and family came over, there was even more present-opening. Will made out like a bandit, with plenty of toys, clothes, and a few videos. He had a great Christmas.

Watching him open clothes is so funny! He'll start unwrapping the gift, and then an item of clothing will fall out. Most of the time he literally doesn't even notice, and he'll just continue searching the wrapping paper for a toy or something interesting. The clothes are that meaningless to him. One time he actually noticed a pair of pants he'd just unwrapped, and he picked them up and set them in the "clothes pile" next to his mom, without even looking at them. It made me laugh so much!

But his parents appreciated the clothes, that's for sure. They need them, even if he sees no use for them. Someday he'll be old enough that they can teach him to be gracious about receiving even the boring presents, but right now it's a challenge. At least he was fairly good about saying "thank you" when prompted, and occasionally he even distributed hugs.

Now... when will this new baby come? I'm getting impatient. (More impatient, that is.)
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