alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Home with my cats

I have the best cats EVER -- they all chipped in and sent me a Christmas card. They even each signed it individually, and even included some cat hair. Such sweet kitties!

Wow I had such a sleepy-tired day at work today. My brain was completely non-functional all morning! It was only half-function the rest of the day. Tomorrow hopefully I'll be fully connected again.

The first day back is always rough, especially more so since yesterday was full of baby-vigil, then baby-meeting, followed by a long drive home. I spent this evening napping on and off. Probably not good, but I couldn't really help it. I've taken one of my sleeping pills, and I hope my next nap stretches until morning.

There should be a giant stork in my brother's lawn now, announcing little Tilly's birth. Took some net searching to find somebody who'd deliver to Chicago proper, but I found him (the most talkative stork-deliverer every). I've tasked my mother with taking some pictures of it; hopefully she'll succeed.

Anyone going to be at Luna tomorrow? Or want to be?

Tags: family, kitties
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