alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Sick Babies

Tilly is sick and in the hospital. We figure it's the same cold that plagued first Will, then my Bro, then even my mom and sister had versions. (I, oddly enough, survived so far.)

Anyway for somebody only 10 days old, so very small, with a high fever, it's a bigger deal. She's in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Naturally everyone's little tense, but we're all hopeful that it's just the Icky Cold, and that she'll get to go home tomorrow.


So... a light story to relieve tension: Willy came over the day before christmas, just starting to sound mostly-human after his cold. "Are you feeling better now Willy? Or are you still a little sick?"

"Still a little sick," he repeated to her distractedly. Then he looked at the presents under the tree. "Maybe opening a present would make me feel better...."

Wow. Not even three, and he's learned negotiaion, bribery, and manipulation.
Tags: family, health
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