alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Sick Half Day

I took the morning off today. I spent most of it sleeping. I don't feel very well, and I'm supposed to drive to Cleveland this afternoon for two days of meetings. I'm hoping that extra rest today will make me be alert and productive for meetings tomorrow.

I haven't quite decided how the driving will work. I'm supposed to drive with two coworkers in a rental car, but I would rather not risk infecting them. (Not to mention the fact that they'd rather not be infected!) It might just be easier to take my own car, take my own schedule...but it'd also be easier letting somebody else do all the driving.

Well, I'll figure it out. We're supposed to leave at 3, so I need to decide before then. But first, perhaps I'll go back to bed for a bit....
Tags: health
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