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Safe Arrival

I have made it to Cleveland. I ended up having to drive myself, largely due to the fact that I didn't wake up again until 2pm. The team planned on leaving at 3pm, and I wasn't fully packed or even dressed. Oh well; it meant I could travel at my own pace, and I didn't have to make small talk with anyone.

I told my sister that I was leaving, and she said, "Do you need me to take care of anything for you? Want me to look in on your cats? ...or your treadmill?"

I laughed at her. "My cats will be fine; it's only two days. But you're welcome to stop by and play with the new treadmill if you'd like."

Myself, I didn't manage to use my treadmill today, and I canceled my normal lunchtime ice skating lesson. But I got tons of sleep, which I suspect is more important. It was a pretty good drive, all things considered. I took plenty of Sudafed, Advil, and Cold-Ease, then hit the road around 4:30. I made excellent time, not even bothering to stop until I was across the street from my hotel at 7:30. Not bad, not bad at all!

I picked up some soup and a half sandwich from Panera Bread, and now only seven hours later I'm snuggled into a different bed in a different state. That seems a little weird, though I can't exactly say why.

I was going to use my empty evening to write Christmas cards. Well, New Year's cards, since I've already missed Christmas. I've been quite behind this year. Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten them. What's particularly annoying about this is that I clearly remember carrying them out of my house. It was quite a challenge too, because I was juggling my suitcase, laptop, a bag with music in it, a diet coke, plus the box of cards. (Poor consolidation, I must admit.) But I definitely could not find them in my car upon arrival. I suspect this means that the box is sitting in my garage at home, next to where my car used to be. Darn it!

My goal tonight is to get lots more sleep. Hopefully I'll succeed in that, and by tomorrow I'll feel mostly human again! That'll be good, because it will be a long day of meetings and release-planning.
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