alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Talks With Cats

Since I live alone, I'll often spend long periods of time in silence. Last night after work, for example, I treaded on my treadmill (four miles!) for awhile, catching up on Scrubs episodes on my ReplayTV. As I was heading back upstairs, I wondered if my voice was working, since it had been scratchy earlier in the day. So I spoke aloud in order to hear it, "How's my voice doing?" I then answered my own question. "Not too bad... I'm just a little hoarse."

Then I noticed my cat staring at me, giving me kind of a strange look. I heard my comment again in my head, and realized how confusing it must have sounded to her. Pets aren't very good with homonyms, after all.

So I joked to her, "And you're just a little cat, aren't you?" She sniffed at me. Then we walked upstairs together.
Tags: kitties, treadmill
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