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Beginning of ConFusion

Driving home from work this evening, talking briefly with F, I realized, "Wow, I guess I am pretty exhausted right now. I'm just driving along, staring at the tail-lights in front of me, thinking, 'ooh, shiny.'" (We agreed that I'd better get off the phone at that point, in order to focus the last of my remaining consciousness on driving.)

It's been quite the long and chaotic weekend! Kind of a roller coaster of good and less-than-good things, plenty of late nights, and not a lot of sleep. I don't begrudge a minute of it though, even if I am exhausted now.

I guess ConFusion started thursday for me, since that evening was the Guest of Honor dinner. This year my sweetie was elected as the Fan Guest of Honor! As his girlfriend, I got to go to the dinner and pretend I was special too. It was fun, and yummy Indian food! Then we went back to the hotel and hung out for awhile, relaxing with and chatting with people.

When I realized I was practically falling asleep on the couch, I drove myself home. I had a room for the weekend, but I didn't stay there until friday night. I still had to work on friday before the con could really begin. At that point I still distinctly had a cold, although it was gradually going away. I dosed myself up with nyquil and attempted to get enough sleep to be prepared for a long crazy weekend. (I failed.... this is me we're talking about after all, not a talented sleeper!)

Friday I went to work and, despite meaning to leave early-or-on-time, didn't get out of the office until after 7pm. This wouldn't be such a big deal, except I really wanted to attend the opening ceremonies at 8:00! And I hadn't packed yet. And I still needed to buy cat food. Thus began 60 minutes of insane rushing. I jumped in my car, drove to CVS,then tore through the aisles grabbing cough drops, cat food, and eye drops. I drove home, fed the cats, checked on my laundry, was disappointed to realize I hadn't laundered my tie-dye pants after all, grabbed a suitcase, and started throwing clothes into it.

I looked at my clock: 7:35. If I packed in 10 minutes, I could leave at 7:45 and likely make it to the hotel in time. I filled my suitcase with all kinds of random clothes. Normally I can pack for a full week with this bag, but I could barely close it after 10 minutes. I brought so much stuff! I didn't have time to think about what to bring, so I just brought almost everything. (Except, as it turned out, my swimsuit unfortunately.)

I made it to the hotel just a few minutes after 8:00. Woo-hoo! I was quite impressed with myself, even though I spent the next few hours completely stressed out and disorganized after all that rushing around. Eventually, after the Opening Ceremonies, I was able to bring my stuff in out of the car, take off my coat, and settle in.

But first, Opening Ceremonies. I wanted to be there because I knew F, as the Fan GOH, had to give a speech. I wanted to be there to support him for that -- I didn't know I was going to be mentioned in it....

The speeches were all nice, and I sat with a couple friends and had whispered conversation during the pauses in-between. Eventually, it was F's turn. He started out pretty simple, talking about his first con, and how he got involved -- first in going to science fiction cons, then in helping to run them.

Then he mentioned how, at a Con a few years back, he saw this girl sitting on the couch. He looked at her nametag and it had a weird name on it. "Rennie." I sat up in surprise, and felt my face start to turn red.

He continued from there, talking about making friends, that he expected to make friends, then he said something approximately along the lines of, "...but I didn't expect to fall in love." Oh my gosh, he announced it in front of everyone! My scalp was turning red. It was beautiful, and so flattering.... but I was SO self-conscious!

After the ceremonies, once my face had resumed its normal tone, I said 'hi' to a bunch of people and spent some time catching up. But I was still feeling stressed and frazzled, what with the frantic packing and all. Eventually I made it out to my car, fetched my bags, brought them to my hotel room, and collapsed for a couple of minutes.

Then I changed into my very comfy but ratty and holey jeans. Feeling much more relaxed, I emerged again and joined the con for real. I had a great night! I did lots of dancing, talked to a whole bunch of people, went to some parties, and generally amused myself. Eventually, maybe around 2am?, F and I called it a night. A long and exhausting day, but an excellent start to a really neat weekend!

I was going to write one massively long post, but I think I'll save writing about the rest of the con for later. This is plenty to start with.... (and I have some yummy dinner to eat!)
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