alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


Ugh, my lips are a mess today. Saturday I spent the afternoon helping S&D drywall their upstairs. I don't know why - perhaps something to do with all the dust flying around, plus the cold - but it wreaked havoc my lips. It wasn't just me - Sh said her lips were really chapped too.

That night mine were bright red. Actually it looked nice, like a very flattering shade of lipstick, especially once I finally put some medicated goo on them and they were shiny on top of the red. Very pretty, if only they didn't hurt!

By sunday night the raw-hurty feeing had gone away, but they hadn't completed their healing. Instead they were dry and numb, because I guess the top layer has died. I keep putting goop on them; I've tried several different kinds, but it's not helping at all. It just feels like wax on top of dead skin. Which I guess it is.

Now they've started flaking and peeling, underneath the goop. I suppose that's good, because once the dead stuff comes off I'll have my familiar old lips underneath, but this is uncomfortable and annoying too. Just wish they'd heal more quickly.

Heh, the funny thing about having a public journal is the feeling that I ought to be apologizing for nasty posts like this. Sorry: I tend to type whatever's on my mind. Sometimes it's more interesting than others....
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