alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Bed Bath and Beyond - an addition

I have this sweater stacker thing in my bedroom, it's basically 4 cubes stacked on top of one another, and I use it as shelves to keep sweaters on. I've been wanting an additional one for awhile though, because I have a bunch of light sweaters, currently hanging in my closet, which I'd rather stack.

So this evening after work, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond - kind of a homeowner superstore. It's got aisles and aisles of everything you could imagine wanting to put in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, livingroom, etc of your house. Basically, it's filled with all of the stuff you never knew you needed. The place is like an addiction.

I was there for a new sweater stacker. In fact, I lucked out, because they only had one left. Only $14.99, plus tax, because I'd selected a nice economical model the last time I'd shopped there. WELL. One hour and just over $100 dollars later, I finally forced myself to pay for my stuff and leave the store!

I was mesmerized by all the merchandise, just wandering around the aisles open-mouthed, studying everything. Each time I would leave an aisle, I would keep glancing over my shoulder on the way out to see if I'd missed anything good. Everywhere I looked were interesting little items to admire, fondle, pick up, and perhaps put in my cart. I just love useful little gadgetry like that. I could have bought way more than I did!

Here is what I ended up with, when all was done:
  • sweater stacker (what I came for)
  • compartmented jewelry holder
  • a little round thing you put on your bathtub's overflow drain so you can fill your bathtub three inches higher
  • 2 packets bath fizzies (you toss these beads in, and they fizz and pop and smell nice)
  • a toilet-brush-holder shaped like a cat (gift for sister, therefore not so bad)
  • suction cup waterproof clock for shower
  • a long gas candle-lighter
  • big scented candle (french vanilla (makes the whole house smell like you just baked a cake, no baking required!)
  • a wire magazine-holder, which hooks over the end of the toilet (to clear the bathroom of clutter)
  • a clear plastic bearshaped gallon of animal crackers (cute, tasty, and low-fat!)
  • chocolate bar (um, well, I was famished from all the shopping, my defenses were down)

Neat, huh? But I think next time I'll try not to shop unattended. Clearly, it's dangerous. Now I'm off to play with my new purchases!
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