alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Weird Things

I have a weird printer.

Whenever I (politely) suggest that it print something, it gets all upset. It whines, it jerks the paper back and forth, and generally makes a fuss. It eventually prints, and prints nicely, but it's never happy about it.

When not printing but powered on, it sulks and grumbles to itself. I have to turn it off as soon as I'm through using it, just to get a moment's peace.

I have weird cats.

I woke up from a little nap this afternoon (today's my Friday off), and looked around the room. They had ravaged a box of "girly" supplies I'd kept on a shelf, and there were pads and tampons strewn about the room.

The two younger kitties were spooning in my (still not unpacked) suitcase, squeezed in together, shedding all over my clothes, half-asleep. They blinked at me curiously while I frowned at them. I would have taken a picture, but my camera was somewhere underneath them.

I have weird dreams.

I have an irksome mole on my back, which my thumbnail occasionally catches painfully when I scratch my back. (This part is true, though the mole changed locations for the dream last night. The rest is not true, not at all, I promise.) I think I was at the con hotel. was scratching my back, and my thumb hit the mole. It felt especially large and weird, so I went to a mirror, turned around, and tried to inspect my lower-right back. Not an easy task.

The mole had grown and developed a hard exterior; it was bright yellow with small black spots! Disgusted and startled, I flicked at it with my thumb and jerked my hand away. The yellow shell popped off like an old scab, and fell on the floor. I looked on the floor, and there were a few ladybugs or beetles crawling around, whirring their wings.

I tried to look at my back again in the mirror, and it looked like the scab area was now enormous and white underneath, and... were there little black things in there? I looked at the bugs on the floor, and felt horrified and revolted. Had those been on me? Were there more??? I kept trying to look at my back, but I couldn't really twist around and see.

I started wandering around the hotel, simultaneously trying to find somebody to look at it and help me, yet trying to hide it because I was so disgusted and embarrassed, so afraid at what awfulness it might reveal. That's all I remember... what a disturbing dream!
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