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Lasik and Treading

I had my one-year-post-lasik followup appointment this evening. For one year now, I've had perfect vision! It's funny, because sometimes it feels like forever ago, and other times I can't believe it's been this long.

But I'm like that way with most things, come to think of it.

He dilated my eyes, but surprisingly enough I can already see fairly well just four hours later. Well enough for the computer, at any rate, though not to read comfortably yet. But he ran all of his eye tests, and said everything looks excellent and healthy.

He tweaked my vision a tiny bit with the lens testy thing, but he said the improvements he made were minimal. I asked him, "So if I was a new patient, you'd say...?"

"I'd say you don't need glasses. You can't have glasses! That always disappoints them. Well, the four-year-olds at least."

"Oh that's right, because wearing glasses is the new Geek Chic."

"That's what they say, but you know in reality, people just aren't beating down my door."

He gave me a bunch of coupons for eye drops. That's my only lingering side affect with the lasik: I need to use eye drops first thing every morning when I wake up. He shrugged a bit, saying it seemed unusual to him, but it didn't seem like a big problem or inconvenience. I agree.

So I cheerfully shook his hand and bid him farewell. He said I should come have it checked out again in a year or two, but basically the whole lasik thing is Over. Now I'm just a girl who doesn't need glasses, contacts, or any sort of corrective eye-wear. Cool!

I came home this evening and treaded for four miles while watching a movie. (Even though I fell on my knee while skating at lunch today and gave myself quite an unpleasent bruise! Good for me, remembering to be disciplined.) It was a good way to amuse myself, since the dilation mean I couldn't read or write anything anyway. I didn't go very fast today, since I felt a bit tired. But I figure going four miles makes up for it being a bit slow.

For those keeping track (that would be me), I've treaded (or would that be 'trod'?) thirty-eight miles since assembling this thing on New Year's Eve. Not too bad! That's greater than 1 mile a day, at least. (Whole miles, that is. I don't allow myself to record anything less than whole mile increments, and I have to round down. I can be a harsh mistress.)

It's a bit of a slow pace for my goal of at least 508 miles in 2006. I'm going to have to step it up, to make that. But if I consider that I spent a total of four nights out of town, plus the nights when I've been occupied all evening after work, plus the fact that I had that darn cold for two weeks, I think it's an excellent start.

Now I just have to keep it up -- and get back to jogging occasionally, instead of just walking! I am pleased with the fact that I'm moving regularly, at least.
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