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Illness and Ice Cream

I have a cold. I started getting it yesterday, as a lovely little valentine's day surprise. I always get myself the best presents!

Despite this, I had a good day yesterday. F cooked us a delicious meal of baked brie, bread, lemon-pepper salmon, capers, and veggie-rice. Yummy, and I have leftovers for today's lunch.

Now, because I'm not quite ready to get back to work, and I am thinking about how nice ice cream would taste right now, I will tell a story.

My boss was in town last week, and one afternoon he announced, "I'm going on an ice cream run. Everybody write down your favorite flavors on story cards."

He passed out index cards. On mine, I wrote Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar. Or milk chocolate Dove Bars. I explained to him that the first was my favorite flavor ever, but not very convenient for sharing. The second option was delicious and more share-able. Curly wrote on hers, Butterscotch Ripple. But today I feel like Strawberry! Rocky didn't fill out a card, explaining, "Honestly I just like simple vanilla."

I didn't see Daisy's card, but she said aloud, "Anything with nuts."

Curly and I both shuddered. "NO nuts! I won't eat it if there are nuts."

Armed with this overabundance of information, BossMan went to the grocery store. A little while later, Curly's cell phone rang. "Was it milk chocolate Dove Bars, or dark chocolate?" I took over the phone and said I preferred the milk chocolate kind, but either would be okay. "Don't worry, they have both. Thanks, bye."

A few minutes later, Curly's phone rang again. "What kind of nuts did Daisy want?" She wasn't very specific, but eventually I think she said almonds. "Okay, bye."

At this point, we were just waiting for him to call back a third time. "He'll probably call to say, I can't find any butterscotch-strawberry!"

It made sense, of course, because we'd given him story cards but we hadn't written any narrative. Skippy keeps telling us, after all, that the story cards are just supposed to initiate a conversation between the developers and the analysts; they aren't supposed to contain all the specifications. Clearly he wanted to continue the conversation with phone calls, story by story.

We did get a third phone call (Curly answered it with "Let me guess, you don't know what strawberry-ripple-butterscotch is?"), but it was while he was driving back from the store. Actually I'm not sure why he called again, maybe just to let us know he was returning. He can be a little obsessive that way. We joked around about what a nut he is, and eagerly wondered what kinds of ice cream we would end up with.

He walked in with two grocery bags. He had bought a HUGE tub of Neapolitan ice cream, to satisfy the vanilla and strawberry requests. He also had a box of milk chocolate Dove Bars, a bag of sliced almonds, and a big bag of pretzels. We gave the pretzels suspicious looks, but he swore that they were delicious on ice cream.

First we dug into the Dove Bars. I had one, and the others were quickly enjoyed by my coworkers. They all agreed that Dove Bars are amazingly good -- apparently I'm the only one who knew that beforehand. They aren't cheap, nor healthy, but they are decadent for a (very occasional) treat.

Then we tackled the Neapolitan ice cream. BossMan started serving out small scoops into styrofoam bowls, then crumbling pretzels over the top. Nobody was convinced at first, then we tried it. It turns out, pretzels are indeed quite tasty in ice cream! They add a nice crunch, and the salt compliments the sweet quite well. Surprising.

Once we were all happily crunching and slurping, BossMan decided that we should set a goal to finish that giant tub of ice cream. He started refilling bowls, handing out more pretzels, urging us to find room. It was a very silly afternoon! But fun, and a nice break.

I eat slowly, so it took me awhile to finish my first bowl. At one point, I was immersed in a work-related conversation and conference call, and I'd just finished my ice cream. The Boss hovered behind me whispering, "Need a refill?"

"Please," I responded, handing him my empty bowl. "But no strawberry." I then continued with my digging through code and talking on the phone. He came back a moment later, handing me a bowl. I looked at it, then looked at him sadly. "Where are my pretzels?"

"Oh, you want pretzels?" He seemed thrilled that everybody liked his pretzel suggestion, and he took my bowl back happily. He made the treat look very festive. Crushed pretzels decorated it, plus several pretzel sticks poking out of the scoop like spikes. Then I took it back and enjoyed crunchy ice cream with my code and conference call.

Despite our best efforts, we didn't finish the ice cream that afternoon, but we did put an impressive dent in it. We all ate way more ice cream than we should have, shared a bunch of laughs, and learned something new. We even managed to get a bunch of work done! What more can you ask for a thursday afternoon?
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