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Travel and Such

I have a whirlwind week ahead of me. It feels like I've been traveling a LOT in the past three months, so I looked it up in my calendar. I guess I haven't been traveling all that much, approximately two weekends per month, but it still feels like I have been constantly packing, unpacking, and repacking my suitcase.

We're (finally) putting our big release into production this weekend. They requested a developer in San Antonio where our call center is -- basically just to make the users "feel good" next week while they're getting used to the new stuff. I volunteered, since I've never been to San Antonio, and it will hopefully be warm there.

So I'm leaving for Texas sunday afternoon, and flying back tuesday afternoon. Quite a quick little visit! But at least I'll be able to spend sunday afternoon/evening looking around a little. And hopefully I'll get to see the sun.

Tuesday evening I arrive back in Detroit, hopefully have a quick dinner with my Boy, then I'm driving to Sandusky that night. We're having an off-site team gathering, to talk about the last release and begin talking about the next one.

Wednesday and thursday will be all-day planning sessions, then I'll drive back thursday night or friday morning. I'm hoping to get a skating lesson on friday around lunchtime; I should be back in plenty of time for that.

I want a skating lesson because that sunday I'm testing my Novice Moves! Yikes. Hopefully I won't have forgotten how to skate, during all this travel. I'm really nervous and excited about testing. It'll be the first time taking a skating test since I was 18 years old!

Hard to believe. I've been competing all these years, but haven't had a need/desire to take any lessons or do any testing. Now that I'm not competing, I figured testing would be a good way to stay challenged. But now that it's coming up so fast, it's a little nerve-wracking. ...especially with all the travel ahead of time.

I'm glad I'm testing, despite the stress. Even if I don't pass, at least the First Time Back will be out of the way. The experience will be good, and I will hopefully get some useful feedback from the judges. And if I pass....well that will be even cooler!

Other trips I'd like to make soon, in March/April:
more skiing (because it's fun, and winter will end soon)
Chicago (because it's been too long since I've seen my niece and nephew)
New York (because I skipped my normal visit with my extended family at Christmas)
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