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Mysterious Mouth Monsters with Malaria

I have something wrong with me, but I don't know what. I am at the point, health-wise, where I would definitely be making an appointment with somebody if I weren't so darn busy (not to mention out of state). I hurt, quite a lot, and I don't like it.

I won't be back in town until friday, and it's not quite severe enough for me to try to hunt down an urgent care place here. So I'll try to see somebody friday, assuming I don't magically get better before then.

The weirdest thing about this situation is: I don't know whether I should beg a dentist to let me in on friday, or a doctor! So I know I'd like a professional with cool hands to diagnose my problem and make it better, but I'm not sure if she should have gone to dental school or medical school....

Here are my issues. I started noticing the first on sunday morning when I woke up. I had a strange discomfort on the bottom right of my mouth. The gums in the area right behind my last molar were swollen and tender. When I closed my teeth (which incidentally felt fine), I could feel the upper gum pressing down into the lower gum; it was that swelled up out of place.

Honestly I would have strongly suspected that this was some wisdom tooth problem, had I not had all of mine extracted as a teenager. Even the internet proposes wisdom teeth extraction.

Since then, I have been gradually feeling a bit worse. Waking yesterday (monday), I found that more of my gums are slightly swollen, down the right-bottom part of my jaw into the front. I feel pain in my neck just the other side of the swollen gums. It feels like there is a thick lump in there, that isn't on the other side. But it also seems to produce a pulse, so maybe it's just the artery I'm feeling/feeling?

Also, my ear hurts sometimes. When my ear desides to play, it usually involves sharp pains that start near the top and slide down to that same aggrevated mouth/neck area. Basically it's that whole side of my face, the ear/neck/tooth/jaw area, it just feels tender and a little swollen, at least not quite right..

All of it hurts. Sometimes it's sharp pain, like when I'm eating, or my ear gets into the game. The rest of the time it's just a painful throbbing or a dull ache.

It's definitely manageable, not severe -- it hasn't been waking me up at night for example. I can do everything I need to do, I just feel in pain and disgruntled all of the time.

So, yeah. When I talked to F on tuesday and told him about my woes I said, "I'm seriously at the point where I would really want to see a doctor, if I weren't so darn busy. But I won't have time until friday. I'm off to Sandusky, to sit in meetings all day.

"If it gets worse, I guess I'll have to find an Urgent Care type of place near Sandusky. If it magically better, well hallelujah! But if it remains this bad, I'm going to get an appointment for friday. But who -- a dentist? Doctor?"

Fortunately taking advil very regularly keeps it manageable, and I have also found that judicious use of alcohol (after work of course) makes my mouth feel quite a lot better! (Sometimes it's good for your mouth to get a little numb.)

I woke up this morning and my ear hurt a lot. "Hmm, perhaps this means I should see a doctor!", I thought. But then I tried to eat breakfast, and that was quite painful, making it seem more like a dental thing. I think I'll call my dentist tomorrow, and ask if I can describe my symptoms to her overthe phone. Then maybe she can identify if I need to see her, or a regular doc.

If glands could burst like appendixes do, I'd almost suspect that's what's happened. This gland has given me all kinds of trouble for years. Whenever I catch a cold it grows big and annoying, leaving my neck tender and difficult to move. Clearly it's been through several crisis points, perhaps this was the breaking straw, and it went berserker? Spewing its evil poisons into my ear, gums, jaw, and neck.

Or maybe it's a Secret Wisdom Tooth, so smart that it's managed to stay hidden all these years. But now it's back for revenge!

Or something like that. Tomorrow I'll make the phone call and try to get it figured out .... if I can just steal a few minutes away from tomorrow's meetings, that is!

Today was a very long day. Made longer by Mysterious Mouth Monsters with Malaria.
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