alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Brief Updates

Brief updates on this-and-that!

  1. I still don't feel entirely well, but I'm feeling better than I did. But I wish I felt "right".
  2. I visited my dentist today, and she x-rayed my mouth. No new wisdom teeth coming in, no signs of cavities. She hopes I'll feel well when the antibiotics are gone. If not, I'll call her back.
  3. I failed my Novice Moves yesterday. Only they call it "retry", not "fail". That's okay, at least I got the First Test In Sixteen Years jitters out of the way. I was really flustered and stiff at the beginning, so I totally messed up my perimeter stroking stuff. But they liked my brackets and spirals.
  4. I haven't been struck down by a tornado yet, but it's windy out.
  5. I've successfully given up diet coke and chocolate so far, so Lent is working out so far.
  6. My latest theory is that my mouth infection and neck pain is all a result of diet coke withdrawal.
  7. I got a nifty new backpack from my boss last week, everyone on the Release Team got one, with our team motto: Quality and Fearlessness
  8. I'm sleepy, not feeling right, and it's monday. But things are going okay even so.... life is pretty good.
Tags: health, lent, mouth, skating, work

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