alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Stupid Stupid UPS

Well, the note on my door yesterday said they'd try one final time today, after 5pm. I'm supposed to work until 7, but I figured I could slip out early and work from home for the final couple of hours. So at 4:40, I said my goodbyes and jumped into my car.

(The note also said I could change today's delivery location if I wanted to, but only if I did it before 7pm. Of course, I didn't get the note until almost 8.... Also, I've had problems having packages delivered to my office in the past.)

I really wanted my package! I knew I-75 would be congested, so I took side roads all the way home. I was hurrying but not excessively so. I kept my eye on the clock, and I knew I'd make it with minutes to spare.

Well as I pulled into the driveway, I could see a UPS note stuck to my door, fluttering in the breeze. A little part of me exploded. "It's only 4:57!", I yelled at the clock.

Taking an idea from niiicolaaa, I slammed my car into reverse and roared back out of the driveway. I was going to find that truck, and they were going to give me my damn package. Eyes wild, nostrils flared, and lips thinned with rage, I started tearing up and down the side-streets. I'd slow at each intersection, my eyes eagerly sweeping the roads for a brown truck.

Nothing. Nowhere.

I was a woman out for blood, but there was no enemy to be found. Slowly my face relaxed and my anger gave way to sadness. Why couldn't I have my package? Where were they? Finally I gave up, and my car and I trudged dejectedly home.

I went to the tracking website, and it said they attempted to deliver at 1:58pm. One fifty-eight! Now why would they tell me it will be delivered after 5, if they're going to come before 2? That's not even close!

I rushed home from work early for this? No wonder I couldn't find the truck anywhere; it came by hours ago. They're probably somewhere drinking lattes and laughing at me this very minute.

Lying bastards.

I've told the website that I'd like to go pick it up this evening, and it says that it will be calling me soon with details on how that will work. We'll see if it's actually successful or not.... I have my doubts. Stupid UPS. Stupid Amazon. GRRRR!

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