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Well I finished everything that needed to be done today at work, and came home. Just couldn't handle being at work anymore. I got home, and the house was set in its "away" temperature - 62.'s cold everywhere today! So I have turned it up to 75, put on all the warm clothes I could find, and am about to curl up in front on the television underneath two blankets.

I just realized something: this morning I went to the trouble of packing a can of soup and can-opener for my lunch, in case I felt well enough to eat. I never did, that cup of hot chocolate was all I could manage. When I left today though I left my lunch bag at work - not a big deal, I can eat it tomorrow and I have other food here, but now I have no can-opener! If I ever feel like tackling some soup tonight, I won't be able to.... *sadness*

Ah well, hopefully I won't want any soup anyway. Water seems to be what's best for me right now. So off I go to the couch with blankets, pillows, and a big bottle of water!
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