alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
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MardiGras at Nubbs MardiGras at Nubbs

Spring skiing is fun! Warm, sunny, and festive. Okay the snow was a little slushy, but even that couldn't dampen my spirits too much. In fact, I had a great couple of days skiing, even feeling confident to take on a few black diamonds toward the end! Getting down them was a bit worrisome, but also exhilerating and neat! Skiing is a lot of fun. (Note: this picture may help with your answers on the poll below.)
It's not black and white It's not black and white

This one's for everyone, because it's pretty, but for SG in particular because I stumbled across the photo just now. Is this the flower?

(And with luck the less-fun part of the weekend will quickly improve. Heal quickly L!)
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