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Irish Showers

Half Shower Curtain Half Shower Curtain
It's still thursday in my world, since I haven't gone to sleep yet. Hence, a quick half-naked thursday pic. Although I have to admit that behind that shower curtain, it's more than "half"....

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Wow, the updater got all funky and wysiwyg on me.  It's showing my picture in the editor and everything.  That was unexpected.  Weird...I'm not sure if I approve. icon!  I used the new lj icon-maker, which was kind of nifty.

I'm off to Chicago for the weekend.   Should be fun yet relaxing, and I (finally!) get to see my neice again.

But for now, I'll leave with a story:

There's a new guy at work, and he's Irish.  Just moved from Dublin a few years ago.  He was talking about football with another coworker a few days ago, and I asked him, "I'm surprised you know so much about football."

"Well, it's not that complicated you know."

"Oh I know, but... you don't play American Football in Ireland, do you?"

"No, certainly not."

"So I was wondering.  I've lived here all my life, and I don't have any interest in the game.  But you seem to have a lot of passion for something you didn't even grow up with."

"It's just that the Irish love sports.  Any kind of sport, we'll watch it.  We could watch two flies crawling up a wall, if they said it was a sport."  He mimed holding a remote, clicking it with his thumb, and stared excitedly at an imaginary television.  "Oooh.... fly-racing!"
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