alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

More Chicago Pictures

I was having so much fun writing Bunny Warnings, I forgot to mention that my last post featured, among other scarier characters, my nephew.  And actually he had a great time hunting for eggs, being chased by the easter bunny, and chasing the bunny back.

Little Ones Little Ones
It's fun to see my nephew interact with his new little sister.
Me and Tilly Me and Tilly
We were having lunch when this pic was taken. Well, I had finished lunch, and she still lunches at other places than restaurants....
Lego Man Lego Man
There is a neat lego store in Chicago, with a friendly lego man sitting on a bench outside it. I got Will a police car, just like his daddy will probably drive one day soon (except his won't be made of legos, hopefully).
Tags: family, travel
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