alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Tax Time

I was sitting at work today, and I mused out loud, "I need to do my taxes." I glanced at two nearby coworkers. "Have you done yours yet?"

They both looked a bit horrified. "Yes.... in January! What have you been doing?? You do know they need to be postmarked tomorrow, don't you?"

"No actually I heard we have until monday, since the 15th is on a saturday. But don't worry, I'll have them done tomorrow. I'm not going to wait until the last minute or anything."

Last night, it was my tax-dude friend brendand who told me I didn't have to have them postmarked until monday. This was after he biffed me in the ear for not having them started yet.

I have to admit, my eyes widened a bit in worry. "Ohhh, you shouldn't have told me that! I was all set to have them completed by friday, but now I'll have an excuse to procrastinate more. I'll just pretend I didn't hear that."

I'll be fine; I'm not going to wait for the weekend, even if I have tons of time. I've started them already, and it's only 9:12pm on April 13th. I'll have them completed by tomorrow.

I explained to my friends last night that I felt I had made excellent progress. Not only did I consolidate all of my tax "stuff" into a pile several weeks ago, just tuesday I moved the pile to sit next to my computer. Actually, it was on my desk chair. So I wouldn't be able to sit at my desk without noticing it. I hadn't actually installed my TaxCut CD yet, but it was there on the chair, very near the CD drive.

A bit later in the conversation, B started ranting about customers at work. "They have really complicated tax events, they wait until the last minute, and then they expect us to work miracles. At the last minute!"

I exploded defensively, "I put the CD right next to the computer!"

Everybody got a good chuckle out of that, which was precisely what I was hoping for. This may be somewhat near the last minute, but I'm not especially concerned.

After all my taxes are pretty simple this year. Plus, B was kind enough to reassure me that his office is open on sunday. So if things get desperate, if I find myself totally lost, I have someone who can help. He even told me to be sure I fill in my car registration, and where to put it!

[Update, shortly after midnight: Finished and e-filed. I think I even got all the stuff right. I still have paperworky stuff to complete, but at least the important parts are now winging their way to the IRS.]
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