alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Playing Chicken

I had left the lab and was walking down the hall to the lunchroom, when I saw our BA walking toward me. "Whacha doing?", I asked, as I stepped aside to let him pass.

"Playing chicken. I won."

"Oh! I didn't know. Darn it." I continued to the lunchroom and filled my water bottle.

Walking back, I saw him coming the other way also. I sped my pace, stuck my elbows out, and put a mock fierce expression on my face. "I can do this, I know it!"

He kept walking. "You know this is a mistake, don't you?"

At the last minute I stepped aside again. "Dammit! Fine, you win again. The problem is that, even if I won I'd lose, since you're like twice my size."

"I would totally kick your ass. You were smart to give up."

"Yeah I know. So at least even though I lost, I sort of won. Those who fight and run away live to... well... run away again another day."

Tags: story, work
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