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Dental Cleaning

"Oh, I meant to tell you," I said to my coworker this afternoon. "I have a dentist appointment this afternoon at two."

"Oh, yuck," he said.

"It's just for a cleaning, so it shouldn't take that long."

"Still, dentists. Yuck."

"Yes, I agree. I'm trying to be brave."

...and I was fairly brave. You could hardly tell how unhappy I was, unless you looked at my hands. Semi-hidden in my lap, they were tensed up like claws, clutching at the air, almost strangling the suction tube she made me hold. I couldn't control them. Well I could change their position, but I couldn't relax the least bit.

Eventually the appointment ended without any cavities found, so hooray for that! The hygienist was unimpressive though. She took the longest time EVER in polishing my teeth, and I don't think she even did a thorough job. She would spend many seconds on one spot on my tooth, polishing and spinning away, then she would skip the tooth's other side altogether.

On the other hand, she did a thorough job with the nasty scraping, which is probably more important to my dental health. And I just wanted to be free, so I didn't mention it.

My dentist asked about the strange mouth/throat/whatever infection I'd had, that started over a month ago and only seems to have ended last week. I told her that, after two courses of antibiotics, I seem to be practically over it. Finally! She examined me and noted that my gums and neck glands are still a bit inflamed, but agreed that it seems to be on its way out. I sure hope so, and I hope it doesn't return. She reminded me to be extra-vigilant in keeping my mouth clean, because mouths are full of bacteria. Icky.

I got a new toothbrush, some toothpaste, and dental floss. So at least the visit was ALL bad!
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