alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

It's thursday night, aka friday morning, and I can't sleep. Bummer.

But Penguicon is tomorrow...yay! And BUFFY is tomorrow! Eeekyay! I am excited, though a bit nervous. We'll have plenty of practice tomorrow night before the performance though, so I bet it will go splendidly.

I hope somebody tapes it. I need to bring my camera and see how much it'll tape! Hm, 1Gb card, little camera video... I have no idea what that'll hold. Oh well, doesn't matter. It will be a fun and entertaining night regardless.

I bought a cool leather jacket today online, the better to ride motorcycles in. I can't wait 'til it arrives in the mail! (That's the problem with buying things online, the waiting. I do prefer immediate gratification. But I also like shopping from home.) So far, I only ride on the backs of motorcycles -- and even that is quite nifty (but will be niftier in a jacket that fits me). But I am contemplating taking a motorcycle safety course and learning to ride on the fronts.

In the front seat I mean, not balancing on the handlebars or running on the front tire. Useful-looking link. It's one of those scary-yet-exciting ideas that has always intrigued me, but thus far it's been nothing more than an idea.

It sounds like there's a Newfoundland sleeping upstairs. (But there isn't.)

I should go upstairs and try to sleep also. Maybe I'll find a puppy!
Tags: motorcycling, penguicon, sleep
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