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Penguicon Success

My role as Anya was poignant, raw, and emotional. Fear of commitment, fear of bunnies, so many of us girls have been there. It wasn't difficult to dig into her character and capture its essence.

Oh who am I kidding? I was dancing around in my undies, and I clipped red feathers to my sandals with hairpins to make them look like slippers. It wasn't great art, but it was a blast.

But I had a lot of fun. We had a great audience; it was SOOO satisfying to hear people cheer for me! They were laughing, clapping, and singing along. It was a delight to be able to help entertain them.

More pictures will follow, and I know that PHOTOG even video-taped the show! (Although I do hope he spent the majority of his time just enjoying it, not working.) I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Much more fun was had over the weekend. Our Dancing For Geeks panel went very well, and even I learned some stuff, despite being one of the folks teaching! The dance that night was also fun, though I would have selected better music had I been in charge. Still, it was great to dance with several of my long-time dancing buddies, and I was glad to be grooving and moving.

The liquid nitrogen ice cream was delicious, and playing with the liquid nitrogen on sunday was quite entertaining! A huge bowl of it was tossed into the swimming pool, which was VERY impressive to see! We put some in a three-tier fountain, also nifty.


At one point there was a towel dipped into the stuff, and it was really neat just waving it around and watching the smoke come off it in sheets. Somebody asked if it was safe to touch yet, and we found that it was. So I wrapped the towel around my neck like a cape and started running around the atrium.... super girl! Too fun. Of course I didn't actually get to SEE what it looked like, given that the smoke was (hopefully) flying behind me. But those watching said it looked relatively cool.

A jedi wanted to video tape me doing it, but the towel ran out and then was taken by someone. I searched around and found another towel, but when I dipped it I must have left it in too long, because it crumpled up and stayed frozen in a crumpled position. Not very cape-like that way. Ah well. Eventually I will get a videotape of me with a smoking cape.

For some reason I can't sleep, even though it's the middle of the night and I'm exhausted. Stupid body, stupid brain that can't turn off. Probably too busy enjoying my fun weekend memories!

My roomie SG and I had our usual battle to stay awake longest. We tied the first night, but the second night I won with a 5am bed time. Hey SG, I bet I beat you tonight too! *wink* But we enjoyed having some girl-time together, and good conversations.

Late late saturday night in the ConFusion suite was fun. Brendan came in, and somebody complained about his not having been at the dance. "You should dance for us now," said that person. I thought that was an excellent idea, so I said "Yes you should!," and started to chant, "Dance, dance, dance!"

Now normally when I do that it's basically "pretend" chanting. I say it two or three times then stop, because I don't actually expect anybody to join in. However this time others in the room thought it was a fine idea. They picked it up, and we all chanted until finally Brendan did a couple of dance moves for us.

This then turned into a fun game! Every time somebody new came into the room, we'd start the chant again. Actually it was quite fascinating seeing what moves each person would decide to do. Especially people who would have never ever been seen dancing, everybody was moved to at least do something brief! We got a bunch of jigs, some shimmies, some step-dancing, and some of the basic club-wave-your-arms-around. We discussed turning our chant into a three-count, in order to try to provoke a waltz, but we were never that successful with it. Even so, the dancing made the evening extra-entertaining.

I hung out in the hot-tub from about 2am to 3am. I got new earrings. I got a cool tank top. Lots more happened. Maybe at some point I will even remember more of it, so I can write it down!
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