alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Unusual Weekend

I did something a little different this weekend....

I learned to ride a motorcycle!

Last week I noticed that the there was an MSF course (Motorcycle Safety Foundation, I think) taking place right near my house this weekend. The class was full, but I somewhat spontaneously decided to show up early in the hopes that there would be a no-show and they'd let me drop in.

It was very stressful waiting! There were 6 of us drop-ins. At first it looked like we'd get in for certain. Then more and more people came at the last minute, and it began to look completely hopeless. At one point, the guy said there were only 48 slots and the room had 49 people in it. I had just given up entirely, when they took attendance and discovered that they had 6 people missing. So we all got in -- perfect!

So it was long and tiring, but I passed the class! My scores were: 98% written, 6 MSF (under 15 is passing), and 6 Michigan MOST (under 12 is passing). Now I just have to take my pretty blue card to the Secretary of State, pass their written test, and I'll get a motorcycle endorsement on my license.

Does this mean I'll actually buy a motorcycle? I dunno. I have no current plans to do so. I also still really like bicycling. But at least now I know how to drive a motorcycle, and how to do it properly and safely. It was really cool, actually learning to be a Motorcyclist! I drove a motorcycle -- for hours, all over a parking lot! It wasn't a highway, but I got good at turning, stopping, switching gears, etc. I especially enjoyed the turning. I'm definitely happy and proud of myself for that. Okay, it was also really intimidating. But fun. More stories later... I really must shower and begin my sunday.
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