alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

...and the cavewoman ventured outside

Today is my standard Friday off. (I work 9-hour days, so I get every other Friday off.) Hooray for the weekend! I got up bright and early, around 11:35am. After some reading and relaxing, emailing and a quick nap, I found sufficient energy to shower and dress by 2:30pm. Inspired by such accomplishments, I decided to venture outside, walk the 4 blocks to my little corner store, and buy some bread! Quite the wildwoman today.

Well, it turned out to be bitterly cold out, complete with flakes of snow drifting about. Quite pretty actually, but the wind in my face was enough to make my eyes tear up when I turned the corner. Fortunately 4 blocks is not that far, and the store was warm. I found bread, butter, some diet iced tea, and this weird honey-lemonade which just sounded tasty so I bought it too. (I like honey.)

The walk back was much easier, because the wind wasn't in my face. When I got home, I made myself some toast with butter and honey. Yum. One of my "standard" things to eat when I'm sick, although I didn't want it until last night, when I found I had no bread or butter. I had honey, but I figured that drinking it straight would not really do the trick! Now these issues are resolved though.

My stomach wasn't 100% pleased with what I ate, although it still kept most of it. Apparently it prefers to stay empty. (Too bad I like to eat.) I must say, this flu has been great for my diet, and my new (smaller-sized) jeans fit even better than they did before!
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