alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Hurt Foot

Somehow I managed to hurt my foot last week. It's not a major injury, more on the scale of a pulled muscle... but it's inconvenient.

I think I did it on thursday, when I used my treadmill for four miles. I did a combination of jogging and walking -- I'm hoping to get myself used to running enough that I can run (albeit slowly) in the Race For the Cure next month. I haven't run long distances since my knee surgery two years ago. I've done tons of walking, and four miles is a reasonable distance for me to walk, but I've only done very little running.

The knee-surgery thing makes it extra strange that it should be my FOOT that is hurting. You'd think it would be my knee, if anything. But my knees are feeling fine. The only reason I can think of for my foot to be hurting is that I ran wearing my Sketchers instead of my normal running shoes. They're usually comfortable, and they've never bothered my feet walking, but maybe running is different?

Regardless, it's annoying me. More so yesterday and today than earlier this week, oddly enough. Probably because I was futzing with the injury yesterday. There is no tender area on the foot when I probe with my fingers, and it's not swollen; it only hurts when I flex my foot to walk on it. It almost feels like a muscle cramp, or a joint that needs to be cracked. So yesterday I walked on it, and I tried specifically to stretch the muscles and put extra pressure on that area, hoping that whatever feels off would just "pop" back into place.

It didn't, and if anything it started hurting worse. Oops. Okay, I've learned my lesson. No more stretching and playing with it, I'll let it rest for a bit. Maybe that'll fix it.

Today it still hurts when I walk much, but I've been mostly staying off it. (Except for when I forget.) It's also started doing this interesting thing where it creaks when I flex my ankle. I thought it was maybe my shoe leather that was creaking, but I took off my shoes, and I verified that it's not my pants rubbing weird or something. It's definitely underneath the skin. Weird!

Hopefully that means it's getting better.

I'm being good though, and not playing with the creakiness much. I'm also not walking much. I even took the elevator up after lunch. I'm trying to let it rest. With luck, tomorrow it'll feel more-or-less back to normal.
Tags: feet, ouch
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