alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Successful Bike Day

Last week I didn't manage to bicycle to work at all. My scheduled Bike Day (wednesday) ended up being too rushed in the morning, and friday it was raining. Riding in the rain is okay on the way home from work. But on the way there it isn't very fun, especially since I don't have a shower at work. I'd just end up spending the day wet and muddy.

This week, on the other hand, worked well! I got up on time this morning, got ready, and pedaled happily all the way to work. I didn't even make any wrong turns this time; I'm getting my route more-or-less figured out.

I was a little worried about my injured foot. I wasn't sure if pedaling would put pressure on the wrong spot. But it turned out to be just fine! The body is an amazing thing. It still hurts to walk, but I can pedal without a problem.

That was a relief. I'd promised F that if it was hurting a mile or two out, I'd turn around and go get my car. Doing actual damage by pushing things would be bad. Neither of us want my foot to get any worse, but I really wanted to ride today! So I'm thrilled that biking doesn't aggravate it.

Incidentally, ice skating doesn't aggravate it either, which I found out yesterday after some cautious attempts. In fact my skate functions much like a cast or a brace, holding it immobile in a very comfortable way! I felt a little excessive pressure toward the end of my skate, but mostly it felt good. I'm thinking of wearing my skates all the time; they're much better for my foot than shoes.

Or I'll just start bicycling everywhere, even indoors. Just pedaling down the hallways at work.... Crazy, huh? It's walking to the water fountain that's painful, but sports hardly hurt at all. (My preferred sports, at least. I'm definitely going to stay away from running, or even walking much, until walking stops hurting.)
Tags: biking, feet, ouch
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