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Working again - cellophane — LiveJournal
the story of an invisible girl
Working again
Last night I was very sick again. Which is a shame, because I'd been feeling so much better earlier in the day, almost semi-normal. But yesterday I ate two full meals - apparently that was one too many. I actually wrote a very long post last night, while in the midst of my misery, going into all kinds of sordid details about my suffering....and then my computer crashed before I hit "post" and I lost the whole thing. I just hate when that happens. I swore at my cat for awhile, who looked at me with startled eyes (after all, it wasn't his fault my computer randomly decided it felt like rebooting (although he could have written me an LJ client which does periodic auto-saves (actually no he couldn't; he's not very good at programming))).

When I went to sleep very late last night, I'd all but decided to take today off work. Then I woke up, felt better, and debated coming in. I checked my calendar at 9:00am and discovered I was scheduled for a meeting at 9:30am which I'd been specifically asked to be sure to attend. Ack! So I leapt into the shower, threw on some clothes, grabbed my stuff, and rushed off to work, arriving in the parking lot at precisely 9:26am. Wow, go me!
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